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ArtSmart: has deep expertise in the field of Entrepreneurship, Circular Economy and e-learning course module development.


One of the founding partners of ArtSmart, Ms Inga Uvarova is a PhD candidate in business management and specialises in the field of the Circular Economy and circular business models. Her PhD thesis and other researches are related with the challenges and opportunities that enable or hinder adoption of circular business models and practices within companies, and what are the benefits or positive impacts of the circular business models. This topic is closely related to this project and the expertise of ArtSmart in Entrepreneurship and business management.



SYKLI Environmental School of Finland is a national specialist vocational college. Its mission is to reinforce environmental knowledge and improve its students' operations in line with sustainable development objectives. SYKLI is very experiences in different environmental fields, including energy efficiency, environmental and safety management, resource efficiency, water supply, environmental care and circular economy. SYKLI is a nationwide educator and developer of training materials. SYKLI is known as a pioneer in the sustainable development of working life. SYKLI closely monitors the societal debate, research, solutions and know-how related to sustainable development, the circular economy and the climate. Besides deep environmental knowledge, SYKLI has very wide and  longstanding previousexperience in international project implementation. SYKLI will the partner that will share the knowledge on environment protection.



Entrepreneurship institute – is a non-profit association, based in Vilnius, Lithuania.
ENTRI's mission is to develop and promote entrepreneurship skills across all age and social groups to enable continuous and sustainable development for the better future. Organization emphasizes importance of entrepreneurship as the main factor catalyzing innovation and creation of a better environment for economic, social and civic inclusion of society. Since 2012, ENTRI has implemented multiple projects supporting businesses and entrepreneurs and represented their interests before local
and national authorities. ENTRI’s activities engage the most vulnerable society groups as youth, NEETS,
migrants, women and elderly. ENTRY understanding of Entrepreneurship is extremely important for the success of the project as in order to suggest actions or strategies for Green Business, one should understand what consequences it may leave to the business operations.

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